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Work & Student Visas

USA is known for its immense opportunities. In addition to studying at colleges in the United States, many international students plan on working during their study tour in America. The desire for employment not only exists to help supplement the cost of tuition, but to also gain valuable experience which will help to increase the amount of job prospects following completion of a higher education.

In order to work and study in the U.S.A., students must meet certain criteria. U.S. student visas are granted with the intention that students will maintain status during the tenure of their study tour, which means that students are required to attend school full-time each semester. This is the primary condition international students must fulfill in order to work and study in the U.S.A.; however, students should always check with the DSO or foreign student advisor before seeking work in the United States.

Below is a Quick Outline for some Guide Lines to follow as a Student Visa holder seeking work.  We highly recommend you speak to our Immigration Associates at: 000-000-0000

Student Visa - U.S.A. Procedures & Guidelines

International students must comply with a number of procedures and guidelines when applying for a U.S. student visa:

Appointment with Consulate - following admission, the first step international students should take is to make an appointment with the consulate for a student visa for their U.S.A. education. This can be done by visiting the consulate's Web site, choosing your country of origin, and following the instructions for making an appointment.

Pay Fees - before going to your appointment with the U.S. consulate, the following two fees should be paid:

Student Visa Fee - students traveling to the U.S.A. are required to pay this fee in order to obtain a U.S. student visa, which can be paid at a local bank. You should receive a receipt for paying this fee.

SEVIS Fee - this fee can be paid online with a credit card for a fast receipt, or by check or money order drawn from a U.S. bank, which will result in a lapse of several days before receiving your receipt.

Assemble Documents - as the majority of applicants are required to participate in a personal interview, international students should assemble all required documents for a U.S. student visa and make an appointment well in advance of their first semester in the United States.

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