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Welcome P. Alvarez Associations Corp.
P Alvarez Associates Corp is your number one source for financial solutions and services dealing with corporate and partnership tax, personal income tax, immigration and other services.

We are an independently owned company founded in August 2000 and our founder has more than 20 years of experience in the field of Personal Taxes and small Business Accounting.

P Alvarez Associates Corp also offers a wide variety of tax filing services including federal and state filing,
E-file and direct deposit.

P Alvarez Associates Corp offers immigration services including citizenship filing, spouse and family petitioning, work permits, and all immigration forms. WE are NOT lawyers.

Individual Tax Preparation Services
We're competitive with the national tax firms, lower than most CPAs and are a true value. Your cost is based on the complexity of your income tax return, without regard to the amount of your tax refund or time taken to prepare your return...
US Citizenship Services
Becoming a United States citizen is an honor that comes with many rights, such as traveling freely and having more job opportunities, and responsibilities, such as voting. This section provides information about becoming a U.S. citizen, a process known as...
Tax Resourses
Refund Anticipation Loans are the fastest way to get your tax return money.  Starting January P Alvarez Associates Corp can E-File your tax return and you can choose how fast you want your money. We offer different options and are priced accordingly...
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